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  Image Gallery Pages

The image gallery facilitates the understanding of prenatal and postnatal human development with numerous video clips from The Biology of Prenatal Development DVD, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), high resolution stills with or without labels, and animations. This page explains how to use Image Gallery features. To print this help page for your records choose File > Print from the menu in this browser window.

Image Gallery Navigational Bar

The image gallery navigational bar is located at the top and bottom of every page inside the image gallery. The central buttons allow you to navigate to imagery of varying prenatal development age spans. The Image Gallery Main button to the left, takes you to the gallery's table of contents. The Postnatal Image Gallery button on the right takes you to postnatal MRIs.

Prenatal Navigational Bars

Prenatal Navigational Bars Within the Prenatal Image Gallery another menu bar (with red buttons) allows you to navigate this section's video clips, still images, and associated study and assessment materials. Return to the image gallery menu screen by clicking the Image Gallery Main button. Watch video clips of the corresponding development period from The Biology of Prenatal Development (BPD) DVD by clicking the BPD Clips button. Watch 3D/4D ultrasound images by clicking the 3D/4D Ultrasound button. Access the following helpful links by clicking the More Information drop down menu: the BPD Script, the BPD Bibliography, the Prenatal Development Article, the Heartbeat Calculator, an online quiz corresponding to the time period you are in, a feedback page, and this help page. Return to the top of the page by clicking the Back to Top button.

Postnatal Navigational Bars

Postnatal Navigational Bars Within the Postnatal Image Gallery a blue menu bar helps you naviage to MRI imagery of the body part your are interested in viewing. Each of the MRI thumbnail images at the top of the page links to a section featuring images of corresponding body parts. A second menu with text links to sections featuring the various body parts recurs throughout the page. To view images of the head, for example, click the Head MRI image button at the top of the page, or Head text button on the recurring menu bar.

Gallery Images

Each gallery page displays thumbnail images, each associated with a video clip and a high-resolution still image. Hold your mouse over the image to read a text box containing narrative from the video clip (prenatal) or descriptive text about the MRI (postnatal). Click the image to launch a browser window containing a series of thumbnails of images depicting other development events within the same time period.

Still Image Pop-Up Window Features

Still Image Pop-Up Window FeaturesClick any of the thumbnails shown in the new browser window (launched when you click a thumbnail on one of the gallery pages) to see a high-resolution version of that image with labels. View the image without labels by clicking the Unlabeled button at the bottom of that window. Select Previous or Next to view images of other development events within that same development period.

Play Videos

To play the video associated with any thumbnail, click the Play Movie button below the image. This launches a pop-up window that plays the clip. Click the Previous or Next buttons to view preceding or successive video clips within a particular development period (Prenatal Image Gallery) or body part (Postnatal Image Gallery).