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The Biology of Prenatal Development

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Product Description

The Biology of Prenatal Development presents human prenatal development throughout all 38 weeks of pregnancy, emphasizing the first eight weeks (the embryonic period) when all body systems and more than 90 percent of body parts emerge and begin to function.

This award-winning science documentary features rare imagery of the living human embryo and fetus, while growing inside the womb. Produced in conjunction with and endorsed by human development experts, this DVD combines facts gleaned from the medical literature with images produced from six different imaging technologies.

This visually compelling program is intended for general audiences and may be shown in public settings (but not broadcast or shown in theaters). It communicates an unparalleled visual appreciation of early human development.

Running Time: 42 minutes plus credits & endorsements
Ages: 12 and above
Subtitles: English, Spanish, and French
Additional Content: PDF of program script, footnotes, bibliography, appendices, and index; PDF files with program script in Spanish and French; Closed captioned in English for the hearing impaired

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Product Reviews

  1. Preteen Material.

    Posted by RS on 14th Mar 2012

    This video is good enough to start teaching the young, preteens in the education of life.

  2. Bias

    Posted by Mrs. Post on 19th Feb 2012

    Apparently, science has a Pro-Life bias.

  3. dasf

    Posted by Austin Urbauer on 18th Jan 2012

    Me gusto lo bebes.

  4. The Amazing Human Body

    Posted by Melissa on 17th Aug 2011

    The film is a wealth of information. As an expectant mom, I wanted to know everything that is going on with my new baby - I only wish my belly had a viewer's window! Well, this documentary gave me the next best thing: a detailed look at what happens in those amazing days, weeks, and months after a new human being is created at conception! It was amazing to watch the astounding and rapid progress a baby makes before birth. A wonderful documentary for anyone who is interested in prenatal science and, especially, for any mother awaiting the birth of her precious child!

  5. Stunning documentary... unfortunately politicized.

    Posted by Eli on 21st Jul 2011

    This is a great documentary, and a very nice overview for developmental biology. Very easy to watch, great graphics, good overview of basic terminology. It would have been nice if it went into a little more detail, such as the genetics behind development, but i guess it is meant for a more general audience. It is, however, a shame that people use this documentary to further their own political agendas. Please leave good science out of moral debates!

  6. An amazing window into the womb...and the sanctity of life.

    Posted by Eric Holmberg, Educator on 17th Jan 2011

    The vast majority of surgical abortions take place between the seventh and thirteenth week of gestation. (Incredibly and tragically more than a few happen even after that -- up to and beyond even the point of viability!) Very few of them occur before the seventh week because it takes that long to find out you're really pregnant and then schedule the abortion. This video shows just how incredibly developed the baby is even at seven weeks. I am convinced that if everyone in America saw this video, we would go from having a slight majority who are pro-life to 90%.

  7. Exceptional Teaching Material

    Posted by Linda on 28th Jul 2010

    Have been searching for material appropriate to use in Teen class, hopefully High School groups and Youth Groups to teach about life and thus that the removal, by any means other than natural loss, is and what the real truth is inside the womb.
    I am both pro-life & choice! I believe God gives life from moment of conception, yet He has given us the will and mind to choose our decisons. The consequences are ours to live with and thru.
    The best decisions are made with the best information, truth is truth whether chosen or not.