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Monitoring the Future Survey - Trends in Illicit Drug Use

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Make selections on this page to customize your graph. In Step 1, choose which type of graph you want to produce by selecting one of the buttons next to the three graph types—Multiple drugs, Multiple Time Periods, or Multiple Grades—located just above the sample graph. This selection determines the extent of parameters available in Step 2. If, for example, you choose Multiple Drugs, you are allowed to display data on up to four drugs in your graph. You are then limited to a single time period of usage and a single grade. In another example, if you choose Multiple Time Periods, you are allowed to display up to four time periods of usage, and are then limited to a single drug and a single grade. After choosing your data parameters, click the Create Graph button in Step 3. Save the graph in PDF format for print or electronic distribution. Click the Help link above for a comprehensive help guide.

Step 1 – Choose Graph Type
View all the survey results in table form
Step 2 – Select Parameters
Choose Drug(s):
Choose a Time Period:

Choose a Grade:

Step 3 – Create Graph

All data taken from the 2007 Monitoring the Future Survey, the National Institute on Drug Abuse.