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EHD invites organizations and individuals who share our goals of improving health science education and public health to link to our website. You may link to any page on our site that may be of interest to your teachers, members, visitors, etc. We are particularly interested in links from schools, libraries, health care and health promotion organizations, parenting groups, and other nonprofits working to improve human health through prevention.

By linking to us, you will help more people understand prenatal development and the forces that shape development and lifelong health before, during, and after pregnancy. These are essential steps in the fight to prevent birth defects and disease, promote health and academic achievement, and save lives.

Linking Guidelines

Please link to us with a simple text link ( and follow these simple guidelines.

Please do not create the impression that EHD endorses or sponsors your site or products, or that EHD will receive any benefit from the sale of your goods or services.

If you wish to describe our organization (not required), please communicate that, “EHD is a nonprofit organization working to improve health science education and public health.”

Please be aware that violation of EHD’s copyright or other intellectual property rights may subject you to civil and criminal penalties.

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