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Little One Pregnancy Calendar & Journal

Frequently Asked Questions

I made a pregnancy calendar before September 2011, where do I find it?

Although the welcome page with login fields has changed, you can still access your existing calendar by entering your user name and password and clicking Login. Alternatively, you can access the old login page at

I have an existing calendar but would like to check out the new one. What do I do?

Click Get Started. Then fill out the required fields and click Save. This will create a new calendar in the updated format but will not include any information from your old calendar.

In the event that you create a new calendar but prefer to use the original calendar for the rest of your current pregnancy, you may easily delete the new calendar with the link provided. Once your new calendar is deleted, your login information will retrieve your original calendar.

Can I have an old calendar and a new calendar at the same time?

Yes. There are two ways you can do this.

First method: You can access your existing calendar with your existing login information. Then click Get Started to create a new calendar using a different password or email address from the one you used to create your old calendar.

Second method: Click Get Started and create a new calendar using the same email address and password you used to create your original calendar. From now on, logging in on the welcome page will take you to your new calendar. You can access your old calendar by using the old login page at

Can I bring journal entries and visitor comments and pictures from my original calendar into my new one?

Unfortunately, there is no automated mechanism to do this. You may copy and paste your existing journal entries and upload your images into your new calendar manually.

EHD recommends that calendar owners with extensive online journals just continue using their existing calendar.

Other questions? Please contact us.