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Making Pregnancy Real and Relevant Globally

Improving preconception and prenatal health is not just an important issue in the U.S.—it is a critical need in every corner of the globe. You can help give all people access to vital prenatal health educational resources by translating them into 92 different languages. This will make free resources available to more than six billion people!

For each language, your donation will:

  • Translate major portions (about 30,000 words) of EHD's website, including the Little One Pregnancy Place, DVD Documentation Center, Multilingual Illustrated DVD, Image Gallery, Movie Theater, Prenatal Timeline, Embed EHD Video page, and more.
  • Create a professional audio track for The Biology of Prenatal Development DVD narrated by a native speaker, allowing website visitors to experience clips from the program in their native tongue. These same broadcast-quality narrations will also be used for television broadcast opportunities and DVD distribution around the world.
  • Produce an online version of EHD’s “When Health Begins” brochure/poster which introduces EHD’s “When does health begin?” campaign and explains the importance of preconception and prenatal education
  • Prepare promotional materials to help introduce these resources.

As each language is completed, EHD can promote these prenatal education resources among government, public health, and education leaders as well as international health organizations, teachers, doctors, and the general public in countries around the world.

Spanish Woman
Speakers: 435,167,304

Spanish  -  Español

This language, originating in Spain, is spoken throughout most of South and Central America, as well as by many people in the U.S.

Budget: $25,000

In translation
French Boy
Speakers: 259,226,948

French  -  Français

Though perhaps best known as a European language, French is spoken in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Budget: $13,550

Suggested Donation: $25 - $100
Portuguese Woman
Speakers: 233,407,285

Portuguese  -  Português

Spoken in Portugal and Brazil, Portuguese is also used in several African countries and as far away as East Timor.

Budget: $11,650

Suggested Donation: $25 - $100
Japanese Woman
Speakers: 127,078,991

Japanese  -  日本語

Spoken primarily in Japan, over 120 million people speak Japanese. Japan's internet usage and literacy rates are among the highest in the world.

Budget: $15,250

Suggested Donation: $25 - $100
Chinese Boy
Speakers: 1,370,441,187

Mandarin  -  中文

China has one of the highest growth rates of Internet usage in the world. Most speakers of various Chinese dialects use either simplified or Traditional script. This project will fund one website in each script.

Budget: $26,250

Suggested Donation: $25 - $100
German Girl
Speakers: 95,413,692

German  -  Deutsch

German is spoken in over a dozen European countries. Surprisingly, it is also spoken in Argentina and Namibia.

Budget: $14,050

Suggested Donation: $25 - $100
Russian Family
Speakers: 164,892,280

Russian  -  Русский

Russian is spoken across Eastern Europe and in Russia. Russian-speaking populations can also be found in Israel, China, Mongolia, and the U.S.

Budget: $13,150

Suggested Donation: $25 - $100
Italian Man
Speakers: 59,055,643

Italian - Italiano

There are more than 59 million Italian speakers, the majority of whom live in Italy.

Budget: $13,150

Suggested Donation: $25 - $100
Arab Woman
Speakers: 350,894,337

Arabic  -  عربي

Spoken by over 300 million people, Arabic is widely used in over 30 countries reaching from the Middle East to parts of Africa.

Budget: $13,750

Suggested Donation: $25 - $100