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The diaphragm domes over the expanding liver and attaches farther caudally on the dorsal wall than it does on the ventral wall. As a result the pleural cavity extends farther caudally at the dorsal wall between the ribs and the diaphragm with no intervening lung. This part of the pleural cavity is referred to as the costodiaphragmatic (pleural) recess.

As the urinary bladder and rectum enlarge near the caudal end of the peritoneal cavity, a peritoneal recess is produced between these viscera. In the male the recess is called the rectovesicle pouch (Douglas). In the female the recess is subdivided by the uterus and broad ligament into a ventral vesicouterine pouch and a dorsal rectouterine pouch.

Source: Atlas of Human Embryos.