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Brain drawing

Embryo 8943 was one of the embryos used by Bartelmez and Dekaban in their study of human brain development.

Label Key:
VES.OPT. - optic vesicle (D1)
PROS.-MESEN. - pros-mesencephalic sulcus
MESENCEPH. - mesencephalon
S.MES.-MET.EXT. - external mes-metencephalic sulcus
RH.I-II - rhombomere 1-2
RH.III - rhombomere 3
RH.IV - rhombomere 4
RH.V - rhombomere 5
CR.N.VII-VIII - facio-vestibulocochlear neural crest (CN VII and CN VIII)
VES.OTIC. - otic vesicle
LAM.TERM. - laminae terminalis primordium
PRIM.CHIAS. - chiasmatic primordium
MEMBR.OR - oral membrane
THYR. - thyroid

Adapted from Plate 25 of Bartelmez and Dekaban, 1962.

Keywords: chiasmatic primordium, external mesencephalic - metencephalic sulcus, facial neural crest (CN VII), facio-vestibulocochlear neural crest (CN VII and CN VIII), lamina terminalis primordium, mesencephalon, optic vesicle (D1), oral membrane, otic vesicle, prosencephalic - mesencephalic sulcus, rhombomere 1, rhombomere 2, rhombomere 3, rhombomere 4, rhombomere 5, thyroid gland, vestibulocochlear neural crest (CN VIII)

Source: The Virtual Human Embryo.