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Dorsal view and median reconstruction in alignment

Dorsal view and median reconstruction of No. 7802 stage 7, in alignment. The dorsal view, which is based on a graphic reconstruction by the present writers, shows the location of the notochordal process, primitive node, primitive streak and groove, cloacal membrane, and allantoic diverticulum. The median reconstruction is based on a drawing by James F. Didusch (Heuser et al., 1945, Plate 6). A section of the allantoic diverticulum appears detached because that structure is not entirely in the median plane. The figure references are to the sections reproduced by Heuser et al., 1945, Plates 4 and 5.

Fig. 7-4. O'Rahilly and Müller, 1987.

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Keywords: allantoic diverticulum, amniotic cavity, amniotic duct, cloacal membrane, notochordal process, primitive groove, primitive node, primitive streak, umbilical vesicle cavity

Source: The Virtual Human Embryo.