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Thank you for your interest in prenatal education! EHD believes that a basic understanding of life before birth is vital for health literacy and improving public health. We welcome your help in spreading the word!

EHD is pleased to grant registered users a free, nonexclusive license to download this video for personal use. We also offer free licenses to organizations for internal training and public presentations. By downloading this video, you acknowledge that this video contains copyrighted material, that no portion of it is in the public domain, and that you will abide by this license agreement.

All registered users are invited to download the video to your phone, tablet, and personal computer and show it to your family and friends.

If you are part of an organization and want to show the video to groups privately or publicly, please register your organization name and use your organization email address.

As a registered organization license holder, you may:
  • Show the video publicly in its entirety to community groups, students, patients, conference attendees, staff members, volunteers, etc.
  • Embed the video on your website using our embed code (though embedding alone does not require registration).
  • Share your video download links and video files with staff members, volunteers, board members, patients, students, etc. (so they don't all have to register).
You may not:
  • Edit or modify the video in any way.
  • Sell copies of the video or charge admission to watch the video.
  • Incorporate any portion of this video into any other production.
  • Broadcast the video on broadcast, cable, or satellite television.
  • Post the video to your website (unless using our free embed code).

Once you register as a personal user, we will email you a link to download the video, which will expire in 7 days and is limited to five downloads. Please do not share this link with anyone.

Once you register as an organization, we will email you a link to download the video, which you can share with your organization.

Help Us
To help measure impact, EHD would appreciate knowing the number of showings and the number of people to whom you show this video. We will send an occasional email request with just a couple brief questions about your use of the video. Providing this information is optional and you can opt out any time.

We never share or sell your personal information. To register for either license, you must be 13 years of age, or older, as described in our Privacy Policy.

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