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Baby girl Sophie was born
at 12:29 pm on December 2, 2023.

Weight: 7 pounds, 6 ounces  
Length: 21.5 inches  

Hello everyone, she's finally here! Our beautiful little girl was born last night, and both she and Kelli are doing really well. We can't wait to introduce her to all of you!

December 02, 2023 – My baby is due! 20 in (50 cm)
Play movieReady for Birth
   — My thighs are about three inches long and I am ready to go.
   — My heart has beat 54 million times so far, and I'm not even born yet!
   — Here I come, ready or not!
   — Being out is like a breath of fresh air. Thanks for everything Mom!
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November 25, 2023 – My baby is 37 weeks old.  I am 39 weeks pregnant (since LMP). 20 in (50 cm)
Play movieFetal Respiratory Rate
   — I practice my breathing about 70% of the time.
   — My foot has grown to about three inches in length (about 7½ cm).
   — I sometimes drink 450cc (or 15 oz) of amniotic fluid each day.
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November 18, 2023 – My baby is 36 weeks old.  I am 38 weeks pregnant (since LMP). 19 in (49 cm)
Play movieExposure to Loud Noise
   — I deserve an award for passing the 50 million heart beat milestone!
   — My belly is finally as big around as my head.
   — My brain weighs about 300 grams (a little less than ¾ pound).
   — Now I weigh around 3,000 grams (about 6 pounds, 10 ounces).
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December 2, 2023   rush to hospital!   comments (9)
Can't chat, we're off to the hospital. This could be it!   [Post a comment]
Rachel (Dec 1): CALL ME! :)
Ben (7:39pm): woohoo!
Katie (8:39pm): Good luck!
Kat (9:39pm): Ahhhh! Can't wait to hear the news :)
Megan (10:39pm): Yay!!!

November 11, 2023 – My baby is 35 weeks old.  I am 37 weeks pregnant (since LMP). 19 in (48 cm)
Play movieFirm Hand Grasp
   — My hand grasp is firm because I'm getting stronger every day.
   — So far, the bigger I get, the more fluid I have for swimming.
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November 04, 2023 – My baby is 34 weeks old.  I am 36 weeks pregnant (since LMP). 18 in (47 cm)
Play movieFlavor Preferences
   — My feet are now 15 times their length when I was a full-grown embryo!
   — Gaining weight for my newborn photos is now a top priority!
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October 28, 2023 – My baby is 33 weeks old.  I am 35 weeks pregnant (since LMP). 18 in (46 cm)
Play movieAlveoli Formation
   — My weight is up around 2,500 grams (about 5½ pounds).
   — Music I hear during these last weeks of pregnancy will appeal to me later.
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