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You can help reduce birth defects and improve health in your state.

Budget: $11,671,667
Recommended donation: $25 - $100

Project USA:
Equipping U.S. Educators and Libraries

A woman's health before and during pregnancy significantly influences the lifelong health of her child.
That is just one reason why it is so important to reach all middle and high school students with this valuable information long before they are likely to be involved in a pregnancy. Your gift will help equip teachers with the training and resources they need to impact students and give communities a healthier future!

Bringing Project USA to America

You can help reduce birth defects and improve health across America. Your gifts will help donate The Biology of Prenatal Development DVD to public libraries, and libraries in every middle school, high school, and college nationwide. Your gifts will also provide a free DVD to eligible educators in public and private schools, grades seven through twelve, who complete our free online training.

Who will benefit from Project USA in America?
Jr/Sr High Schools Jr/Sr High Teachers Jr/Sr High Students Public Libraries College Libraries College Professors Med School Libraries Med School Professors
46,308 323,246 25,729,632 16,764 4,231 55,003 149 1,937


Project USA will be implemented on a state-by-state basis.1 Once a state is fully funded, a sustained marketing campaign will begin in October, November, or January and continue for the duration of the school year. This requirement creates maximum impact at a minimum cost and increases the likelihood that our resources will be included in required or recommended statewide curricula.

1 Excess funds received for a specific state or region will be applied to another state or region. Any funds remaining after completion of Project USA will be used where needed most.