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Slideshow: The Heart

The Heart and Hand

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6 weeks, 6 days

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Label Key:

  • 1. notches around left middle digital ray (future third or middle finger)
  • 2. heart
  • 3. midline abdominal raphe
  • 4. palmar digital arteries
  • 5. notched left hand plate
  • 6. nipple
  • 7. liver

All ages referenced to fertilization, not last menstrual period.
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The HeartThe Folding of the EmbryoThe Folding HeartFour-Week EmbryoThe Body Plan EmergesThe Heart in MotionHeart Chambers and LiverHeart in Slow MotionSurrounded by the AmnionHeart and LiverHead and HeartHeart and BrainHead and HeartLiver, Cord, and Left Foot PlateClose-up of Heart and LiverHeart and LiverThe Heart and LiverHeart ChambersThe Vital OrgansHand Plate and Vital OrgansLeft Hand Plate and WristThe Brain, Heart, and LiverThe Hand in MotionThe Face and TrunkLeft Hand and Vital OrgansThe Beating Heart and LiverThe Liver and Beating HeartThe Heart and BrainThe Four-Chambered HeartThe Hand, Chest, and LiverThe Heart and HandThe Beating HeartThe Heart and ChestClose-up, Seven-Week HeartThe Eye at 8 Weeks PregnantRight Eye and Facial ProfileReaching Out, Left HandFertilization Begins
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