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Heartbeat Calculator

Did you know that a full-term baby’s heart beats approximately 54 million times before birth?

The heart is a specialized muscle which pumps blood throughout the body, which first appears about 20 days after fertilization. Once it begins to beat 22 days after fertilization, it does not rest except during the brief moment of relaxation between contractions. During an 80-year lifetime, the heart will beat more than 3 billion times!

If you are pregnant, please enter your expected due date to find out approximately how many heartbeats your baby has experienced so far. Or, enter any birth date or age (in years) to estimate how many heartbeats a child or adult has experienced. (No data is collected from this page.)

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Note: This calculator estimates the number of heartbeats throughout the human life cycle extrapolated from published heart rate data and is for educational purposes only. Actual experience can and will vary widely.