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Multilingual Illustrated DVD [Tutorial]

The Biology of Prenatal Development

Introducing the Multilingual Illustrated DVD
Explore the fascinating imagery and facts presented in The Biology of Prenatal Development at your own pace. Each clip from the program is accompanied by its corresponding written script. Select Play Movie to watch any clip. Select See Snapshots to view high resolution images. See the program script and subtitles in 88 languages by using the Choose Language drop-down menu and clicking Refresh. Subtitles are displayed in your chosen language and may be turned on and off by clicking the button found in the lower right corner of the movie player. A "full screen" option is also available by clicking the button.

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The Fetal Period (8 Weeks through Birth)

Chapter 37   9 Weeks: Swallows, Sighs, and Stretches

The fetal period continues until birth.

By 9 weeks, thumb sucking begins and the fetus can swallow amniotic fluid.

The fetus can also grasp an object, move the head forward and back, open and close the jaw, move the tongue, sigh, and stretch.

Nerve receptors in the face, the palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet can sense light touch.

"In response to a light touch on the sole of the foot," the fetus will bend the hip and knee and may curl the toes.

The eyelids are now completely closed.

In the larynx, the appearance of vocal ligaments signals the onset of vocal cord development.

In female fetuses, the uterus is identifiable and immature reproductive cells, called oogonia, are replicating within the ovary.

External genitalia begin to distinguish themselves as either male or female.

Chapter 38   10 Weeks: Rolls Eyes and Yawns, Fingernails & Fingerprints

A burst of growth between 9 and 10 weeks increases body weight by over 75%.

By 10 weeks, stimulation of the upper eyelid causes a downward rolling of the eye.

The fetus yawns and often opens and closes the mouth.

Most fetuses suck the right thumb.

Sections of intestine within the umbilical cord are returning to the abdominal cavity.

Ossification is underway in most bones.

Fingernails and toenails begin to develop.

Unique fingerprints appear 10 weeks after fertilization. These patterns can be used for identification throughout life.

Chapter 39   11 Weeks: Absorbs Glucose and Water

By 11 weeks the nose and lips are completely formed. As with every other body part, their appearance will change at each stage of the human life cycle.

The intestine starts to absorb glucose and water swallowed by the fetus.

Though sex is determined at fertilization, external genitalia can now be distinguished as male or female.

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