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Slideshow: Hands and Arms

The Circulation of the Hand

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6 weeks, 6 days

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The arterial supply of the hand found in the fetus, newborn, and adult is established in the embryonic period. The superficial palmar arch is an artery which receives its blood supply from the ulna artery and the superficial palmar branch of the radial artery.


Each palmar digital artery travels between the digital rays in the 7-week embryo (metacarpal bones in the fetus, newborn, and adult) and divides into two digital arteries supplying oxygenated blood to two adjacent digits (fingers).

Label Key:

  • 1. right eye
  • 2. tips of digital rays
  • 3. palmar surface of the right hand
  • 4. palmar digital artery
  • 5. superficial palmar arch
  • 6. liver
  • 7. forehead
  • 8. nasal prominence
  • 9. nipple
  • 10. heart
  • 11. location of diaphragm

All ages referenced to fertilization, not last menstrual period.
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