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Slideshow: Feet and Legs

The Feet Touch

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7 weeks, 4 days

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The feet are also exploring their world through touch and finding each other in the process.

Label Key:

  • 1. umbilical cord
  • 2. left great saphenous vein
  • 3. loops of intestine (physiologic herniation)
  • 4. genital tubercle
  • 5. left great toe
  • 6. right great toe
  • 7. right foot
  • 8. sole of left foot

All ages referenced to fertilization, not last menstrual period.
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Upper and Lower Limb BudsThe Lower Limbs and BackLiver, Cord, and Left Foot PlateFeet and Tips of the ToesRight Lower LimbLower Embryo at 7 Weeks, 2 DaysThe Sole of the Left FootThe Feet TouchThe Toes Face OffOrigin of Great Saphenous VeinThe 10-Week FetusHolding the FeetLeft Knee and Hip FlexionHand Near MouthBowel Herniation ResolvedExit Stage LeftSole of the Right FootHiding the FaceRight Lower LimbThe Right Big ToeThe Left Upper Limb and FaceSee My Elbows!
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