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The Endowment for Human Development
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When Health Begins: What You Need to Know


"The Biggest Story in Human Health"

A steady stream of new research reveals that during pregnancy—and sometimes long before pregnancy—a woman's health, nutrition, and lifestyle choices significantly influence the health and growth of her baby before birth, her baby's birth weight and size, and whether her baby is born premature or full-term.

Even more surprising is that these same prenatal factors also help shape her child's lifelong health and cognitive ability.1 They also help determine her child's risk of developing diseases such as heart disease,2 high blood pressure,3 and diabetes,4 and learning and behavioral disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)5 and conduct disorder.6

This research, twenty plus years in the making, is helping to define how a woman's health before and during pregnancy may impact her child's entire life. It is also revealing how eating properly and avoiding harmful substances may sharply reduce the risk of certain diseases and disabilities, enhance human health and achievement, and save lives.

To briefly cite a specific example, researchers recently reported that women receiving folic acid supplements for at least one year before conception enjoyed a 70% reduction in severe prematurity and a 50% reduction in moderately severe prematurity.7 The complications that accompany premature birth can be significant.8 In fact, the societal cost to treat prematurity in the United States is estimated at $26.2 billion per year.9 The possibility of sharply reducing the incidence of a major medical complication like premature birth with an inexpensive daily supplement highlights the power of prevention.

Dr. Peter Nathanielsz, a prominent researcher in this area, calls the amazing link between prenatal health and lifelong health "the biggest story in human health" and, in no uncertain terms states, "we need to wake up."10

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