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The urgent need for image-based prenatal education is nearly universal. EHD's global strategy is to develop DVD and Internet-based prenatal education resources in 93 languages and provide them to educators, clinicians, public health officials, and families all over the world. Leveraging Internet, broadcast, and DVD technologies has the potential to quickly and cost-effectively reach more than six billion people in their primary or secondary languages.

Empowering global audiences to interact with these resources in their native languages is the most effective way to promote deep understanding of the material and encourage assimilation of the images and health facts into their cultures and curricula. It is perhaps the most affordable way to achieve the personal health and other benefits available through prevention on a global scale.


Preparation, Promotion, and Partnership

EHD's Translation Project will transform our English-language content and teaching tools into multilingual DVD and Internet-based resources. It will also make these resources known to key leaders (and others) and ask for their help with international distribution, promotion, and training.

Promotion efforts will also engage Internet users in numerous languages via Facebook, the use of embeddable video clips with subtitles in 88 languages, YouTube, online advertising, search engine optimization, and by acquiring incoming links from our new international contacts.

We anticipate that all translation and website creation in any given language will be completed within two months of funding.

EHD's first group of languages slated for translation is called the "Top Ten" because it includes the top ten Internet languages (after English). The second group is called the "European 24" as it includes 24 languages, which supplement the European languages in the Top Ten to include the major languages across all of Europe.


Leveraging Your Gifts to Create New Opportunities

Once website translation and DVD narration are well underway, we will begin website promotion and partnership formation by approaching leading educators, medical institutions, and public health and government officials in dozens of countries.

With your help, many new and amazing opportunities will become possible. These opportunities include:

  • Forging alliances with national governments. Governments willing to fund DVD purchases and distribution will be offered large quantities of low-cost DVDs to equip their educators, clinicians, schools, libraries, hospitals, clinicians, medical students, etc. They will also be asked to include our materials in health and science curricula at all levels of education and link their government, school, and library websites to EHD's website.
  • Broadcasting the program with the potential to reach entire countries. This will be particularly important in regions with low literacy rates and limited Internet access.
  • Forming in-country alliances with major hospitals, medical schools, colleges, professional medical and education associations, and charitable organizations. We will provide free online materials to train their personnel and limited quantities of DVDs to improve their effectiveness. We will ask for links to our website, endorsements of the DVD and website, assistance in spreading the word to everyone, and funding to distribute DVDs.
  • Creating global alliances with non-government organizations (NGOs), which have long been engaged in global efforts to improve maternal-child health, public health, and/or education.
  • Partnering with major corporate sponsors looking to associate with and promote excellent public health initiatives in countries where they do business. The major funding that would accompany such partnerships would provide the means to create additional content, reach new audiences, and perhaps even include new languages.
  • Attracting funding to distribute DVDs internationally. We expect that much of the funding for international DVD distribution will be provided by governments, major foundations, international health organizations, and others. In countries where such funding is unavailable, private donations will be required to donate DVDs directly to recipients.

Promoting the website directly to Internet users worldwide through low-cost means is also a top priority. We will continue building multilingual Internet traffic by:

  • Optimizing our site for search engines in multiple languages
  • Establishing a large network of incoming links from institutional websites
  • Generating spontaneous word-of-mouth communication through excellent content and presentation
  • Forming alliances with well-known and respected organizations
  • Creating promotional partnerships with high-traffic pregnancy websites
  • Providing downloadable educational and promotional materials.
  • Employing press releases and public service announcements, and paid ads (print and online) when financially feasible


Providing an entire generation with a visual appreciation of early human development and a sure knowledge of the vital link between prenatal and lifelong health represents an exciting new strategy in the fight to prevent birth defects and improve maternal and lifelong health.

These health education projects combine the biggest story in human health (“The Link”) with some of the rarest and most informative prenatal imagery (of which we are aware), to create never-before-available resources. The full potential to impact large segments of the global community will only be realized by communicating through mass media technologies in languages everyone can understand.

Your help is urgently needed. Your financial support of this historic global initiative will transform the perceptions of billions of people, and help save the lives and improve the health of current and future generations.

For questions or to discuss specific ways you can help, please contact EHD at 603.228.8808.

1Any funds received for a specific website section, language, or language group in excess of its budget will be applied to another section, language, or group.