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The Top Ten Languages

Spanish Woman
Speakers: 435,167,304

Spanish  -  Español

This language, originating in Spain, is spoken throughout most of South and Central America, as well as by many people in the U.S.

In translation

Budget: $25,000
French Boy
Speakers: 259,226,948

French  -  Français

Though perhaps best known as a European language, French is spoken in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Suggested Donation: $25 - $100

Budget: $13,550
Portuguese Woman
Speakers: 233,407,285

Portuguese  -  Português

Spoken in Portugal and Brazil, Portuguese is also used in several African countries and as far away as East Timor.

Suggested Donation: $25 - $100

Budget: $11,650
Japanese Woman
Speakers: 127,078,991

Japanese  -  日本語

Spoken primarily in Japan, more than 125 million people speak Japanese. Japan's Internet usage and literacy rates are among the highest in the world.

Suggested Donation: $25 - $100

Budget: $15,250
Chinese Boy
Speakers: 1,370,441,187

Mandarin  -  中文

China has one of the highest growth rates of Internet usage in the world. Most speakers of various Chinese dialects use either simplified or Traditional script. This project will fund one website in each script.

Suggested Donation: $25 - $100

Budget: $26,250
German Girl
Speakers: 95,413,692

German  -  Deutsch

German is spoken in more than one dozen European countries. Surprisingly, it is also spoken in Argentina and Namibia.

Suggested Donation: $25 - $100

Budget: $14,050
Russian Family
Speakers: 164,892,280

Russian  -  Русский

Russian is spoken across Eastern Europe and in Russia. Russian-speaking populations can also be found in Israel, China, Mongolia, and the U.S.

Suggested Donation: $25 - $100

Budget: $13,150
Italian Man
Speakers: 59,055,643

Italian - Italiano

There are more than 59 million Italian speakers, the majority of whom live in Italy.

Suggested Donation: $25 - $100

Budget: $13,150
Arab Woman
Speakers: 350,894,337

Arabic  -  عربي

Spoken by over 300 million people, Arabic is widely used in over 30 countries reaching from the Middle East to parts of Africa.

Suggested Donation: $25 - $100

Budget: $13,750