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"When Does Health Begin?" Campaign Headquarters


Clip taken from The Biology of Prenatal Development
National Geographic Society
This program is distributed in the U.S. and Canada by National Geographic.

We are asking Nebraskans to ponder the question, “When does health begin?” We believe it is one of the most important questions educators, medical professionals, parents, and society must ask, answer, and act upon in order to improve children’s health and academic achievement.

EHD is equipping more than 1,500 education leaders* and nearly 1,700 medical professionals** across Nebraska—at no charge—with our award-winning DVD, The Biology of Prenatal Development, and extensive online resources.

EHD is similarly equipping more than 500 college and medical school professors, 650 hospitals, clinics, and medical practices, 286 public libraries, and all college libraries. Additionally, we are inviting nearly 3,600 classroom teachers*** to complete a free online workshop and earn a free DVD.

The campaign goal is to equip and motivate middle school and high school teachers, medical professionals, and college professors to improve public health in Nebraska through effective prenatal education.

Our Challenge to You

Preventing disease and learning disabilities and promoting lifelong health requires that prevention efforts begin when health begins—long before conception. Efforts must continue throughout pregnancy and into early childhood when the foundations of lifelong health are established.

To succeed, we must start with education and thousands of Nebraska education and medical professionals must participate.

Campaign success will enhance health science education, improve lifelong health, reduce substance abuse during pregnancy, prevent certain birth defects and learning disabilities, promote maternal health and prenatal care, increase student interest in health careers, and reduce health care and special education costs.

As you can see, the dividends will be incalculable but success depends on you.

We challenge you to watch the DVD, explore our extensive free online resources, and promote prenatal education among students, patients, colleagues, families, and friends.

* Includes superintendents, principals, school board presidents,, and select district leaders
** Includes all practicing obstetricians, pediatricians, family physicians, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, neonatologists, public health specialists as well as medical residents and advanced practice nurses in these same fields
*** Includes select teacher types in public and private schools, grades 7 through 12. Who is eligible?