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Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy Place EHD's Little One Pregnancy Place allows each pregnant woman to create a personalized online pregnancy calendar, synchronized to her due date, and displayed on her own unique web page. She can chronicle special moments and experiences in her own online journal and share her pregnancy with family and friends by forwarding her unique web address. She can also upload her own images into her calendar.

Our pregnancy calendar helps expectant moms and dads to learn about what's happening with their baby week-by-week and month-by month. Visitors can leave messages in response to their journal entries or in the Guest Book. They can also choose to have the development events "narrated" by a doctor or by the baby.

Pregnant women and families can use the calendar to announce a new pregnancy and to inform loved ones about a newborn's arrival with all the vital stats (weight, length, time of birth etc.)

The calendar describes various development milestones and links to rare imagery featured on the DVD. Calendar owners can share journal entries and uploaded images with others by publishing them in their calendar or keep them private. Likewise, calendar owners can decide which guest comments to make public, keep private, or delete.

Why should medical professionals promote this calendar to patients?

How can medical professionals promote this calendar to their patients?

How can educators use the pregnancy calendar in the classroom?