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The Biology of Prenatal Development

DVD thumbnail imageThe Biology of Prenatal Development DVD is a 42-minute, award-winning science documentary distributed in the U.S. and Canada by National Geographic, and internationally by EHD. This program presents human development from fertilization to birth and features direct videography of the living human embryo and early fetus obtained inside the womb, as well as 4-dimensional ultrasound and other imaging technologies.

Translation of the program script is already substantially complete in 92 additional languages. Program audio tracks and subtitles in 92 languages are in progress.

Additional copies of The Biology of Prenatal Development DVD are available for purchase from EHD's online store.

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DVD Documentation Center

  • Study program narrative of The Biology of Prenatal Development
  • Review full scientific references with links to sources when available
  • Select program script from 92 languages
  • Confirm "gee whiz" facts explained in the appendices

Multilingual Illustrated DVD

  • Watch the entire movie; full-screen option available
  • Display subtitles and script in choice of 92 languages for each movie clip
  • Print PDF scripts in English, Spanish, and French

Image Gallery

  • Enjoy 300+ prenatal images in two sizes and with or without labels
  • See select images linked to movie theater

Interactive Prenatal Timeline

  • Review developmental milestones chronologically
  • Choose which body systems to display
  • Reconfigure 3.1 million ways (each can be bookmarked)
  • Switch between three levels of difficulty

Pregnancy Calendar

  • Synchronize calendar to specific due date
  • Record personal thoughts and experiences with the pregnancy journal
  • Share unique web address with family and friends
  • Ideal for pregnancy and birth announcements

Resource Builder

  • Create your own resources (fact sheets, timelines, and DVD outlines)
  • Make quizzes for each resource with a few clicks
  • Output in four formats (PDF, Word, HTML, or email)
  • Transform each resource into an action outline (add sample DVD outline, and DVD action outline as PDFs)

Custom Slide Shows (from the Image Gallery)

  • Create up to 10 custom slide shows, each with its own unique web address
  • Edit, sort (drag and drop), add, or delete slides
  • Share your slide shows with family and friends, students and patients, colleagues and community members
  • Select viewing options (auto vs. manual play, slide interval, image size, labels, loop or manual)

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Shaping the Future through Prenatal Education

This free, hour-long workshop:

  • Describes “The biggest story in human health”
  • Explains the vital importance of prenatal development-based education
  • Outlines the ideal educational approach
  • Shows clips from The Biology of Prenatal Development DVD
  • Demonstrates EHD's innovative teaching tools, which allow you to customize curricular materials at no cost

Workshop Outline

The Link Between Prenatal and Lifelong Health
Part 1 Introduction to Fetal Programming
Part 2 Risks of Nutritional Deficiencies and Exposures to Harmful Substances
The Ideal Educational Approach
Part 3 Making an IMPACT
EHD's Educational Resources
Part 4 Clips from The Biology of Prenatal Development DVD
Part 5 Introducing EHD's Website
Part 6 Prenatal Image Gallery
Part 7 Prenatal Slideshows
Part 8 DVD Documentation Center
Part 9 The Multilingual Illustrated DVD
Part 10 Interactive Prenatal Timeline
Part 11 Educator's Corner
Part 12 Fact Sheet Generator
Part 13 Prenatal Development Timeline Generator
Part 14 DVD Outline Generator
Part 15 Ready-to-Use Resources
Part 16 Pregnancy Calendar
Total minutes (excluding download time)

Note: View any section of the workshop by clicking any link above.

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What educators say about
EHD's teacher training

Can't think of anything that you've missed. I really like the capability of making fact sheets and quizzes.

Pamela Lewis
Instructor, LPN Instruction
Greenbrier School of Practical Nursing*
Lewisburg, West Virginia

* Institutional endorsement neither stated nor implied.

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